Why does a report not include all of the data records I expect?

Answer: When a report is empty or does not include the expected data, this meaning it shows limited or no records found.  This a direct result of the query being applied to search for the data.  The query statement is comprised of the search filters that are entered in the Query under the Data tab of the Report Builder.

You should make sure your toolbars are on in the Report Builder.  You can do this under View / Toolbars.  We recommend turning everything but Data Tree and Data Tree.  You can also arrange the tool bars by dragging them around in the window.

How can I check the data query?

  1. Click on the Data tab of the report builder
  2. The query will appear in a window in the upper left section of the screen
  3. Locate and click on the Search button (magnify glass)
  4. The Query Designer will appear with the Search tab selected
  5. Examine the lower section of the screen for the search criteria being applied
  6. Adjust the search criteria as desired to get the desired data result set
  7. Click Ok to save the changes.
  8. To make a query filter permanent, click on the mandatory chekbox
  9. In the Data tab and query table window, click the Preview button to see the raw data results of the query.

How do I correct a report with this problem?

  1. One option is to edit the filter as outlined above
  2. Another option is to import the original report template by downloading from website page – Report Templates.  The page also includes a link on instructions for importing report template files.

What if the program does not allow me to edit reports?

You must have permission to make report changes in order to adjust the report.  If you do not have permission, see your system administrator for assistance.

You can download original report definitions for all reports – click here for list.