Why do I get an error indicating I am running an incorrect version?

Answer: You are running a shortcut that points to a version of the software that is older than the database version.

This error message occurs when you are running a version of the application (ExpressMaintenance or ExpressRequest) that is older than the version the database recognizes.  When a new release of the software is ran the first time, the database is updated to recognize that as the latest release of the software.  If you subsequently run an older version of the software, the error message will be generated.  This prevents users from running an older version of the software against a newer version database which may expect certain fields or data that is not recognized in the older version of the application.

The most common reason for this happening is outlined in the following scenario.

  1. ExpressMaintenance version 7.1 is installed on a server in folder A and users have shortcuts pointing to the program in folder A.
  2. A new release version 7.2 of the software is downloaded and installed on the server but is installed in folder B rather than folder A.
  3. After installing the new release, the program is ran at the server from folder B and the new release version 7.2 updates the database and sets the version in the database to 7.2.
  4. A user then attempts to run the program from their normal shortcut which points to folder A and they receive the error message indicating that they do not have the correct version and their application version is older than the database version.

How to resolve the problem

This problem can be resolved by taking one of the following steps (referencing the example above):

  1. Remove the install from folder B and install the update in folder A where it has previously resided. Or..
  2. Change the workstation shortcuts to point to the program in folder B where the latest release resides.

A note about ExpressRequest

You can also receive this error message if you are running ExpressMaintenance and ExpressRequest and you update ExpressMaintenance without updating ExpressRequest.  In some updates, ExpressMaintenance alters the database fields for ExpressRequest in which case the latest release of ExpressRequest needs to be used.

You can resolve this problem by downloading and installing the latest release of ExpressRequest.

For more information on how to correctly install our software updates – click here.