Why are my notes fields unreadable when I print / preview a report?

Answer: One of the strongest features of ExpressMaintenance is the built-in Report Builder.  It allows users to create their own customized reports as well as edit the existing reports.  When customizing a report, users often discover that when previewing or printing the report a notes field does not display properly.  The notes field may display with unreadable characters and what appears to be random numbers.  These are actually formatting characters for rich text (word processing).

This characteristic is the result of using the incorrect component to display the notes.  Regular fields are displayed using the DBText component (see screen shots below).  However, notes fields must be displayed using the Advanced DBRichText component (see screen shots below) because notes fields contain formatting characters.

If you are placing a notes field in the report, you must use the Advanced  DBRichText component (see screen shots below) rather than a DBText component.  The Advanced DBRichText component is specially designed to interpret the formatting characters and present the data properly formatted.

You should also right click on the Advanced DBRichText and set the property to stretch.  This will allow you to make the height small but the component will stretch to accommodate the notes as needed.

You should also right click on the band where the component resides and set it to dynamic height.  This will allow the band to expand to accommodate the notes as it stretches.

1. PO with rich text notes in notes field.


2. Report Builder Layout tab with component bar.

3. Properly displayed notes using Advanced DBRichText component.

4. Improperly displayed notes using DBText component.