Why am I getting an error when opening the Units screen that reads “List Index Out Of Bounds (-1)”?

Answer: This problem is caused when the user sets the default tab to be the User Defined tab but sets the title of the User Defined tab to blank (“”).  Once this happens, the problem does not correct itself even when you enter something for the User Defined tab.  To correct this problem, follow these steps:

1. Go to our website and download the latest release at the following link: – click here.

2. Close all instances of ExpressMaintenance running on the network..

3. Run the downloaded file to install the new release on your computer in the same folder where ExpressMaintenance was originally installed.

4. Run ExpressMaintenance and go to Maintenance / Units (error will appear)

5. Click on the Arrange & Display Tabs button

6. Click on the Defaults button

7. Click on the Save button

This fixes the problem.