What should I do if I get an Access Violation?

Answer: Access Violation errors are very rare and always related to the individual computer on which they occur.  They are not errors in the ExpressMaintenance software but rather the result of something not functioning right on the system that causes the program to lose its place in memory.  Usually an Access Violation results following some other error and it is the preceding error that is of significance.

Again, Access Violation errors are rare and always relate to the individual computer operating software or settings.  The exact cause of the error can be difficult to find.  Common causes typically are one one of the following:

1. Corrupt or insufficient version of Windows.

2. Insufficient RAM memory or system requirements.

3. Old or bad version of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). See below.

4. Insufficient virtual memory allocated for large queries and data in memory.  See below.


To attempt to resolve the errors of an Access Violation you should:

  1. Update to the latest release of ExpressMaintenance.  This is not likely to solve the problem but insures that you are running on the same version as our tech support staff for the purpose of trying to duplicate the problem.
  2. Try to duplicate the problem and note the first or any error preceding an Access Violation error.
  3. Check your system memory and windows version by comparing to the recommendations found in the above links.  It is important that you have the proper version of windows and amount of RAM.
  4. Check the installed version of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) at the problem computer.  You can check the MDAC version in ExpressMaintenance under Utilities / View Connection Properties.  Version 2.6xxx of MDAC has some known problems.  We recommend that you have MDAC 2.7xxx or above.  The MDAC may very well be the cause of the problem.  Once you download and install the latest MDAC, use the steps above to verify the new version is installed.  To perform the installation, you must have Administrative rights and you must reboot.  You can check for the latest release of MDAC and download it from the following link –click here.
  5. Check your system virtual memory.  The method of doing this varies with different versions of windows.  Generally, it can be found under Control Panel / System / Advanced tab / Performance / Settings / Advanced tab / Virtual Memory.  The system should be set to a minimum of 512MB of virtual memory.  This will allow for large queries and having large amounts of data in memory.

If you have taken the steps above and still have the Access Violation problem, exit the software and reopen it.  Then try to duplicate the problem and provide email to our support technicians with the exact steps to follow to reproduce the error.