What about the use of barcodes in ExpressMaintenance?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance supports the use of barcodes in many ways.  Basically, barcodes can be used anywhere it is desirable to scan rather than key data manually.  Below, you will find answers to common barcode related questions.

What Barcode Scanner Should I Use?

ExpressMaintenance will work with most barcode scanners that support one of the following formats; UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, PostNet, FIM, Codebar and  MSI.

You can use portable barcode scanners for receiving and consuming parts inventory.  The portable barcode scanner you use must provide the ability to save the data in a csv file format for importing.  For more information see the tech bulletin on importing parts receiving and work order records from a csv file.

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What labels do you recommend?

ExpressMaintenance includes a Barcode Builder to print your own barcode labels on any laser labels, sheets, etc..   You select the barcode and label format that is appropriate for your environment.

How do the barcodes work?

You can print a barcode on any field in any table.  Generally, it is desirable to use barcodes on Parts and perhaps on Units.  From a practical standpoint, you should use Record Number, Part or Unit Number or Vendor Part Number. That way when you receive an item, when the program is prompting for one of those fields, you can scan the barcode.

ExpressMaintenance allows you to define the field that will be used when selecting parts and entering the purchase or receiving of parts.  This is setup under Utilities / Set  Lookup Lists.  Since the selected field will be the input field, you will want to use the same field for printing barcodes.  When printing barcodes, you can select any field to print for the barcode.

Barcode scanning can simply replace the keyboard input of the field or the data can be stored and output to a csv file for importing into ExpressMaintenance.