I cannot login to ExpressMaintenance because I do not know the sa password or do not have the user setup. How can this be fixed?

Answer: When ExpressMaintenance is first delivered, it has one user which is “sa” and a password of “welcome” or blank (no password) depending on when the program was ordered.  As long as “sa” is the only user setup, ExpressMaintenance assumes that you are evaluating or do not want to implement the user / password security and therefore does not prompt for a user name or password.

Once additional users are added or the “sa” password is changed, it then assumes security is desired and begins prompting for these items before allowing access.  If another user has altered the “sa” user record, you may find yourself locked out of ExpressMaintenance.  For this reason, it is important to setup the user account with a unique password and setup other user accounts in ExpressMaintenance if other users are to be accessing the program.

If you have reached the point that you cannot login as “sa”, you should try the following two steps to see if the problem can be resolved:

  1. Try to locate the user who altered the “sa” user record and obtain the password.
  2. Try logging into to the program as “sa” using the password of “welcome” or blank (no password).

If you still cannot login, you must contact Express Technology for information on how to resolve the issue.  To contact technical support – click here.