How does ExpressMaintenance handle PM scheduling and daily PMs?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance accommodates numerous options for scheduling PMs.

This tech bulletin addresses the specific question of how PMs are scheduled and re-scheduled.  For a more general overview of the how ExpressMaintenance handles PMs and Work Orders, please see the tech bulletin on getting started with PMs.

Setting Up Unit PMs

PMs are setup  in the Unit screen under the Services (PMs) tab.  The user first selects or enters the desired Unit of equipment and then clicks on the Services (PMs) tab to add or edit the PMs for that Unit.

Once in the Services tab, you can add as many PM services for that unit as desired.  For each PM, you have the option of setting up the schedule logic.  This can be done in the grid or by clicking the Schedule Wizard button (see screen shot below).

Once you have entered the desired scheduling logic, click the OK button to save the schedule for the selected PM.

Generating Work Orders

PMs are viewed and work orders are generated through the service overview screen.  For more information on this process, see the tech bulletin on getting started with PMs.


There is no rescheduling required by the user in ExpressMaintenance.  PMs are automatically rescheduled when the work order is completed.  PMs only get rescheduled by the completion of a work order.  When a work order is created from the Service Overview screen, the PM in the Unit screen is marked as assigned and the work order number is saved to that PM.  This tells ExpressMaintenance that the PM is on a pending work order and there is no need to have it reappear until the original work order is completed.

Once the work order is completed, ExpressMaintenance flags the PM status in the unit screen from Assigned to Normal and reschedules the PM based on the schedule logic and the completion date / count of the work order.

The only way to have a PM reschedule itself is to complete the work order to which the PM is currently assigned.  The PM will not appear in the service overview screen as long as the status is Assigned because the program understands that there is no need to generate a new work order because the prior one has not yet been completed.

Daily PMs

Creating work orders for daily PMs for numerous units can become somewhat overwhelming with a large quantity of work orders.  One suggestion is to create a general unit for like daily PMs and assign only daily PMs to that unit.  For example you might create a Unit with the name of “All Forklifts”.  You can then assign PMs to that unit such as: Inspect Belts, Check Fire Extinguisher, Grease Lift, etc. This will allow you to generate one work order for all forklifts, complete the task and at the end of the day or the next morning, simply complete the work order and the services will be rescheduled for the next day.

You can very quickly complete the entire work order by clicking the Complete Work Order button at the top of the work order screen.