How do I turn on / off query of all Units, Companies and Parts on open of the screens?

Answer: Certain screens in ExpressMaintenance can be configured to query all records on open or not to query all records on open.  You will likely want to set the auto query to ‘No’ (Off).

ExpressMaintenance is designed for high efficiency multi-user use.  In many of the data screens such as Companies, Units and Parts, it is best to not query all records on open of the screen.  Once you get a large number of records in the screen, having all records in memory on open of the screen is a waste of system resources.  It can also be a waste of employee time.  You will not want to scroll through hundreds or thousands of records to find the one you want.  You will want to use the Query button feature to find the desired record(s).

However, ExpressMaintenance is delivered with the auto query feature set to ‘Yes’ (On) to avoid confusion during the evaluation period.  Until users learn the program, it can be confusing to enter records and then have them appear to be lost when the screen is reopened with no records.

Once you have a large number of records entered in these areas, we recommend turning the auto query off and using the very powerful and flexible Query button feature to zoom in on the desired record(s).  Each major data entry screen includes a Query button in the upper portion of the screen.   Use this feature to quickly find the desired record(s).  When the search dialog appears, if you do not enter any search criteria and simply click Search, all records will be returned in the query.  For more details on using the Search button and dialog in each data screen, see the Application Help under the Getting Started / Search Button section.

You can turn the auto search features on / off under the Administration / Defaults section of the program as noted below:

  • Companies – Administration / Defaults / Data Formatting Preferences / Query All Companies on Open.
  • Units – Administration / Defaults / Unit (Equipment) Defaults / Query All Units on Open
  • Parts – Administration / Defaults / Parts Defaults / Query All Parts on Open