How do I transfer app and data from one server computer to another?

Answer:  To transfer the software and database from one server computer to another, you cannot just copy files.  Instead, take the following steps:

  1. At the old server computer, run ExpressMaintenance and click on Utilities / View Connection Properties or go to top left corner and click and select View Connection Info.  Note the location of the ExpressMaintenance Data File.  If you do not see this option, you will need to update to the latest release of ExpressMaintenance or manually determine where the data and log file exist on your old server.  The location of these files can vary depending on the version of SQL being used and how it was installed.  You must locate the data and log files (.mdf & .ldf).  The live data and log files will not likely be the ones in the ExpressTech folder as these are the model files used initially to create the database.  The live files will be in an SQL Data sub folder.
  2. Be sure to note the full path of the Data file location.
  3. Stop your SQL Server by using the Service Manager (SQL 2000) or the Configuration Manager (SQL 2005 and higher).
  4. In Windows, go to the folder previously noted and copy the ExpressMaintenance Data (.mdf) and Log (.ldf) files.  These will most likely be named ExpressMaintenance_Data.mdf and ExpressMaintenance_Log.ldf but could be named something different depending on how the database was setup.
  5. Paste the files to the new server in a noted folder where they can be accessed during the installation.
  6. Install the software on the new server following the steps in the installation guidelines just as if you are performing a brand new installation.  In the Installation Guidelines you will find notes specific to users who are transferring from one server to another.  It is important that you proceed to the Installation Guidelines in order to properly complete the installation and database creation.

By following the steps in the Installation Guidelines, you will install the MS SQL Server Express database engine along with the software and keep your existing data.  If you have experienced a hardware failure and you are unable to obtain the data an log files but have a backup file (.bak), the Installation Guidelines addresses this as well.  In such a case, you will do a fresh install with blank data and then perform a Restore from your backup.

Note: Performing the steps outlined in the Installation Guidelines involves downloading the latest release of ExpressMaintenance.  Therefore, you must be current under the Annual Software Maintenance Plan in order to complete the process.  Please check with our support department if you are not sure of your status under the maintenance plan.

If you need further assistance please email our support department with details of the steps you have taken following the Installation Guidelines and exactly what problem you are experiencing along with any error messages.