How do I setup my own selection codes such as types and categories?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance uses convenient drop down selection boxes in many fields.  You will find these drop down selection lists throughout the program for fields such as Type, Category, Model, etc.  These allow users to quickly make the selection from a user-defined selection list of possible field values as shown in figure 1.   Selection is made by using the mouse, arrow keys or typing the value.

Figure 1

Defining Your Own List

You can completely define the values to appear in the selection lists.  The selection choices found when the program is initially installed are for sample purposes only.  You should setup your own applicable lists to accommodate your organization.  Most codes are setup under Administration / Codes.  The Code Types are listed in the left panel of the screen.  The corresponding Codes (selection list) are listed each in the right panel as you click on the Code Types.  There is no need  to change the Code Types in the left panel.  You can delete, edit and insert Codes in the right panel to meet your needs as shown in figure 2 below.

Figure 2

To customize the code list, follow these instructions:

1. Locate and click on the desired code type such as Categories – Units

2. Review the list of Codes in the right panel for the Code Type selected

3. Use the data navigator buttons to insert, delete and edit codes to meet your needs

You can instantly open the Administration / Codes screen and position to the desired Code Type from other screens by clicking on “<Manage Codes>”.  For example, if you are in the Units screen and desire to adjust the list of selection choices for the Category field, simply drop down the list as click on the <Manage Codes> selection which is listed first as shown in figure 1.  The program will automatically open the Administration / Codes screen and position to the “Categories – Units” Code Type.

Other Selection Lists

A few selection lists are not setup under Administration / Codes as they require additional information.  These include Sites & Locations, Services, Cost Centers, Companies (Vendors & Manufacturers) and Employees.  These lists have separate screens accessible under Administration.


You may not have access to the Administration Codes screen and other screens.  Your system administrator has the ability to setup users with various levels of access to each screen.  If you cannot access the desired setup screen, check with your system administrator for access.