How do I create the special ‘etuser’ login account with Studio Manager?

Note: This will create an account for etuser that has full access to the ExpressMaintenance database.

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express and connect to the SQL Server.
  2. Right click on the SQL Server listed in left panel, left click on Properties.
  3. When the Server Properties window appears, click on Security.
  4. Make sure the option for ‘SQL Server and Windows Authentication’ option (mixed mode) is checked.
  5. Click the Ok button.
  6. In the left panel, expand Security and then Logins.
  7. If etuser is already listed but not working, right click on ‘etuser’ and rename it to something else.
  8. Right click on Logins and left click on New Login.
  9. In the Login – New dialog box, click on General in the left panel.
  10. Type ‘etuser’ in the Login name field.
  11. Activate SQL Server authentication by checking it.
  12. Type ‘etrik22’ in the Password field.
  13. Type ‘etrik22’ in the Confirm password field.
  14. Uncheck Enforce password policy.
  15. Select ExpressMaintenance from the Default database field.
  16. In the left panel, click on User Mapping.
  17. In the upper right panel, select the database box under Map and beside the ExpressMaintenance database.
  18. In the lower right panel, select db_owner.
  19. In the left panel, click on Status.
  20. In the right panel, make sure Grant and Enabled or selected.
  21. Click OK.
  22. Exit Microsoft SQL Server Studio Manager.

This will have the ‘etuser’ login account setup to access the ExpressMaintenance database.