How do I create or reset the ‘etuser’ account with ExpressSQL?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance attempts to connect to the SQL Server via Windows Authentication.  If the windows authentication fails, ExpressMaintenance and ExpressRequest use SQL Authentication with a special ‘etuser’ account to actually make the connection to the Microsoft SQL Server / MSDE.  Usually, the account is setup automatically for you.  However, in certain instances where the user has their own version of Microsoft SQL Server or where the ‘sa’ password is initially unknown by the application, it may be necessarily to manually create the account.

Note: In order to setup the ‘etuser’ account, you must also have Mixed Mode Authentication (SQL & Windows)  enabled in the SQL Server.  You can do this using ExpressSQL or the Microsoft Studio Manager Express.

You can easily create or reset the ‘etuser’ account in the SQL server using our ExpressSQL.  Please follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  1. Download the ExpressSQL install program (ExpressSQL_Setup.exe) saving it to the ExpressTech folder on the server computer.  Click here to download.
  2. Run the ExpressSQL install program (ExpressSQL_Setup.exe) to install the application.
  3. Run the ExpressSQL application
  4. In ExpressSQL, you must first establish a connection to the SQL Server (more details here).
  5. Click on the menu option File / Register New Server
  6. Enter the name or IP address of the server
  7. Enter the login account of ‘sa’
  8. Enter the ‘sa’ password that was used at installation
  9. Click the Save button
  10. Click on the Server listed in the upper left panel
  11. Select the database by clicking on ExpressMaintenance in list below server
  12. Right click on the list of Users
  13. Left click on the option “Add Special etuser Account”
  14. Exit and close ExpressSQL

This will allow the applications to use the ‘etuser’ account to make the SQL connections.  If you have questions about the password for ‘etuser’, please email our support department.

The SQL code below is used by ExpressSQL to drop and recreate the ‘etuser’ login account:

sp_changedbowner sa
sp_dropsrvrolemember etuser, public
sp_dropsrvrolemember etuser, db_owner
sp_dropuser etuser
sp_droplogin etuser
sp_addlogin etuser, etrik22, ‘ExpressMaintenance’, us_english, ‘0x7FD42F7F1A5A554DB2546B41A46B8B6C’
sp_grantdbaccess etuser
sp_addrolemember db_owner, etuser