How do I add search criteria to a report?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance includes a very powerful built-in report builder.  You can easily add search criteria to a report by editing the query produced by the report.  In the example below, we will edit the report Units List By Category to only include Active Units.  Simply follow these steps.

  1. Run the report (Example: Units List By Category).
  2. Click on the Data tab across the top of the report screen. The query is displayed as a table with buttons across the top.
  3. Click on the Search button as shown in the screen shot #1 below.
  4. Locate the desired field to filter in the upper section (Example: Status).
  5. Double click the desired field to filter to add to bottom section as shown in screen shot #2 below.
  6. Once the field is added in bottom section, edit the operator and value.
  7. You will notice there are many options to choose from in the operator drop down list.
  8. In our example, we will select ‘=’ and place the A for Active in the Value field.
  9. Click the Mandatory column checkbox to make the filter (search criteria) remain permanent.
  10. If the filter is temporary and should be cleared each time the report is ran, do not check mandatory.
  11. Click Ok to save changes to the report.
  12. Click the Preview tab to view the new search results.
  13. Upon closing the report, you will be prompted to save the report.  You can save or save to a new name (Example: Units List By Category – Active Only).

Screen Shot #1 – In the Data tab, click on the Search button to access the Query Designer / Search Criteria tab.

Screen Shot #2 – Double click the desired search field in

You can download original report definitions for all reports – click here for list.