How can I tell what users are running an application?

Answer: It is often helpful to be able to determine what users are running an application. This is especially important when installing updates from Express Technology. Before installing an update, you should insure that no one is using the program. You can check the connected users and what applications they are running from windows by using the following features of windows.

Note: You must be on the computer where the application resides (server). Also, the steps below may vary a bit depending on the version of Windows.

From the server, do the following:

  1. Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel.
  2. Double Click Administrative Tools.
  3. Double Click on Computer Management.
  4. Open System Tools / Shared Folders / Sessions.

Each connected user will be displayed along with the application(s) they are running. You can right click on an item and terminate the session.  However, this causes unpredictable results for the user so it is best to ask them to exit.