How can I get reports developed during training sessions?

In a recent Report Builder training session, we had two great days.  Everyone attending was attentive and eager to learn.  A special thanks to all attending.  We had a great time.

We spent much of the time training on reports and during that time we created numerous new reports.  Below are the report template files which can be downloaded and imported into your database.  For information on how to download and import report templates – click here.

The  new release 7.1 of ExpressMaintenance has been placed on the website – click here.  This release incorporates some suggestions from the training seminar. Other good suggestions were made but will take some time to evaluate and incorporate.  To download the latest release or view release notes – click here.

A Employee Time By Category

A Employee Time Summary

A PM Services Analysis Report

A PM Services Analysis Report – Priority

A Report of Datetime Difference

A Russells Report

A Unit Report With Notes

A Sample With Colors

A Units Downtime History – Cindy

The above reports can be found at our website at the following link: Download Report Templates

Additional reports developed during a recent training session can be downloaded.

Report Name

PM Services Analysis Report.rtm – A report that uses complex report builder features to compute a deadline date and report work order services calculating the days over / under and percentages.  Also includes an accompanying pdf explanation file.

PM Services Analysis Report2.rtm – Same report as above but without the deadline days.  This report compares completed date and scheduled date to evaluate over / under and percentages.

PO & WO Analysis.rtm – This report was developed to report purchase orders that are linked to Units and Work Orders.  It compares the PO and the WO to make sure parts ordered were properly entered on the work order.

Unit Costs With Parts and Tools.rtm – This report was developed to separate certain parts that are considered tool consumption.  It reflects the costs by unit including services, parts and tools (a special type of parts).

Unit Equipment By Ownership.rtm – This report was developed to report units grouped by category, make and model and ownership (owned or leased).  It includes percentages.

Unit Equipment By Ownership Detail.rtm – Same as the above report except that it includes every single unit with the same ownership information and percentages.

Vendor Totals.rtm – A report listing purchase orders by vendor with totals.

Work Order List By Category.rtm – This report was edited and review as it includes introductory uses of calculations and if / then logic in Report Builder.

Work Orders Count Summary.rtm – This report was developed to report by month and year, the total number of work orders scheduled and the total number of work orders completed.  Note: this report requires the latest release as it uses new ScheduledMonth, ScheduledYear, CompletedMonth and CompletedYear fields in the WoMaster table.