How can I disable the “Publisher not verified” prompt that Windows displays when I run ExpressMaintenance from a network location?

Answer: Recent versions of Windows display a prompt that requires you click to Run or Cancel on programs that are being executed from a drive on the network and not on the location workstation.  Many customers have asked how to avoid the annoying Windows prompt.

You can safely turn this feature off by taking the following steps:

1. Click on Start / Run and type in “gpedit.msc”.

2. Click Ok to run the Group Policy manager (gpedit.msc).

3. Go to User Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components // Attachment Manager

4. Double click on “Inclusion list for moderate risk file types”.

5. Enable this feature and then add “.exe” to the list of exceptions.

6. Click Ok to save the changes and exit the Group Policy Manager.

This policy setting allows you to configure the list of moderate risk file types. If the attachment is in the list of moderate risk file types and is from the restricted or Internet zone, Windows prompts the user before accessing the file.

In other words, this allows you to run an .exe from the Intranet (local network)  without a prompt, but it will warn before running one from the Internet.