How can I customize the selection lists and limit the list in the work order screen?

Answer: Users can customize most selection lists easily in ExpressMaintenance.

Customizing Lists

To customize what fields will be displayed and the sort order of the displayed fields, click on Utilities / Set Lookup Lists and select the desired list such as Parts List.  A Set Lookup Properties screen will appear as shown below.


In the Lookup Properties screen you can do the following:

Check off the fields you wish to appear in the lookup list.

Change the Display Name that will be at the top of the field column.

Change the length of the display of the fields.

Arrange the order of the displayed fields.

Specify the sort order of the fields.

The field listed first (at the top) will be the field used to sort and the selection field for the list.  In the screen shot above the Parts Description field will be the selection field and the parts will be sorted by Description.  To sort by Numbered, simply move the Numbered field to the top.  Checking and un-checking fields includes / excludes them from the list.

Organizing Lists

Users often want to limit the selection of parts and services in the work order screen to only those service and parts that apply to the given unit or type of unit.  This can be accomplished in ExpressMaintenance but does require some thought and setup.

Before you are convinced that you need to limit the parts and / or services, consider how the selection lists work.  Often simply organizing the naming of services and parts can make the selection process much easier.

Selection lists are listed alphabetically by number or name depending on how you specify the list to work and what fields you want to display.  For example, by organizing parts with prefixes in the description you can quickly position to a certain set of parts such as Belts, Motors, etc.  Another option is to use prefixes in the name that associate the parts with a certain use or part of the facility.

Limiting Lists

This method above works well for most users.  However, some organizations have extremely large quantities of parts and need to limit the selection list to certain items when selecting parts and services in the work order screen.  This can be accomplished with some planning and proper setup.

In the work order screen, you have the option of limiting the selection of parts and / or services to items of the same category as the category of the Unit.  In order to do this, you must setup the same category codes for Units, Parts and Services.  This is done under Administration / Codes.  Once you have the same category code for Units, Parts and Services, you must associate the applicable units, parts and services with that category.

Once in the work order screen, you can check the option “Only Pick from Matching Unit Category”.  By selecting this option, only the services and / or parts of a matching category will be displayed (see screen shot below).

Notice in the screen shot below that only Services of the category of Printing Equipment only are displayed.  This is because the option to only pick from matching unit category is checked.  The same can be accomplished with parts selection.  See the screen shot below for this example.  Also, you can have ExpressMaintenance default to this behavior under Administration / Defaults / Work Order Defaults / General Settings.