How can I change the currency or date settings in ExpressMaintenance?

Answer: With the exception of the Report Builder, ExpressMaintenance inherits the currency settings of your settings in the Windows operating setting.  You can set your Windows options for currency and date formats within the Windows Control Panel under Regional and Language Settings.

The built-in Report Builder of ExpressMaintenance does not have automatic currency or date settings.  Instead, each field is formatted by setting the Display Format of the given field under the Design tab.

To change the display format of a given field in a report, take the following steps:

  1. Run the desire report.
  2. Left click on the Design tab.
  3. Locate the DBText component assigned to the field, within the data band of the report design.
  4. Left click on the DBText component assigned to the field.
  5. Right click on the DBText component assigned to the field to display the popup menu.
  6. Left click on the Display Format option (see screen shot below).
  7. Select the desired currency format (US options displayed).
  8. Change the US $ symbol to your desired currency symbol.
  9. Click the Ok button to confirm the change.
  10. Click on the Preview tab to view the results.
  11. Be sure to save your report changes when finished or when closing the report.

Display Format in Report Builder