Do you have a sample report using variables and RAP that I can download?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance includes the top rated reporting tool, Report Builder.  Using SQL within Report Builder, users can produce comprehensive reports presenting data in just about any desired format.   Reports often need to include calculated fields as well as advanced calculations based on logical conditions.

There are times when users desire to produce reports with certain logical events and variables.  ReportBuilder includes a powerful but advanced language for this purpose.

Report Application Pascal, RAP allows users to create their own calculations and logic within reports.   RAP extends Report Builder by giving end users the ability to code their own event handlers and extended calculations.

For a less advanced example report using RAP and more information, please see the general RAP tech bulletin – click here.

We have developed the PM Services Analysis Report to provide a more advanced example of using the RAP language to perform logic based calculations within a report.  The example is provided in the form of a report which can be imported into ExpressMaintenance and an accompanying pdf file with explanations.

Download the PM Services Analysis Report template.

Download the accompanying pdf file.