Can users define and arrange the columns in grids?

Answer: All grids in ExpressMaintenance are completely user definable in ExpressMaintenance.  In fact grids are definable on a per user basis.  This means each user can arrange the grids to their own preference.  User can define what columns will appear, the order in which they will appear, the width and the title.

To define the grid properties of any grid, simply click on the Grid Properties button in the upper left corner of the applicable grid.  This will open the Grid Properties dialog window as show in the screen shot below.

Note: Effective in version, each individual login’s grid settings are saved in the UserDefs table of ExpressMaintenance.  Prior versions saved the settings in an ini file on the user’s computer.  To import previously saved settings from the ini file, click on the Import From Ini file button in the Grid Properties dialog window.