Can I deploy ExpressMaintenance or ExpressRequest via the Internet?

Answer: Users often inquire about deploying ExpressMaintenance or ExpressRequest via the internet or their private wide area networks.  This can be accomplished and we recommend two different approaches for each application.


ExpressMaintenance is a very comprehensive application that is extremely data intensive.  For this reason, ExpressMaintenance is not a suitable application for standard internet browsers.  Internet browsers simply do not offer the flexibility and lookup capabilities to match the ease of use and powerful capabilities of the ExpressMaintenance application.

Customers have made the application available to their users via the internet using third party terminal emulation products such as Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix and PC Anyware.  There are several different approaches that can be used to deploy the application in a Terminal type session where only the screen display and keyboard input is transferred across the internet.  In this case, users work with the standard application interface inside a special window and all data  processing is handled by an application server.  We recommend you discuss this approach with your IT people and those knowledgeable with  such solutions.


As you probably know, ExpressRequest is a simple application for non-maintenance users to enter maintenance / repair requests.  ExpressRequest simply gathers the request data and saves it in a single table in the Requests table of the ExpressMaintenance database.

Submitting maintenance requests can be easily accomplished within the limitations of an internet browser as long as the SQL server computer is on the internet or wide area network.  We provide you with a sample .asp web page that can be used for submitting maintenance request directly into the ExpressMaintenance database.  You will need to use a tool such as Front Page to adjust the sample to interface with you specific SQL server computer.

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