Why am I having problems getting the application help to work on certain workstations?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance uses the Microsoft HTML help system for it’s application help. If you have trouble running the application help, the problem can be one of several things.

1. Microsoft HTML Help Not Installed

Microsoft HTML help is included with most releases of Microsoft operating systems. Some older releases did not include it. You can download the installation program directly from our website – click here.

2. Permission Issue

ExpressMaintenance spawns the HTML Help program and opens the help file (ExpressMaintenance.chm) from the ExpressTech folder where the Maintenance.exe file resides. There may be a permission issue on your network or firewall preventing the opening of that file or spawning the Microsoft HTML help application. Check with your network administrator and have him/her attempt to open the ExpressMaintenance.chm file from your workstation. Also, it might help to change the ExpressMaintenance shortcut to “Run as Administrator”.

3. Microsoft Security Hotfix Problem

Microsoft recently released a security hotfix update that creates problems with running the HTML help from within other applications and across a network. There is a easy fix for this. Below are instructions for correcting the problem caused by the hotfix.

Problem – Cannot view Express Maintenance help files after you install Microsoft Windows Hotfix (Security Update 896358)


After opening a CHM documentation file, a topic may not appear when you click a link from the Table of Contents. Also, when you try to use a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to open a .CHM file that exists on a network shared folder, topics in the .chm file may not appear.


You are using Microsoft Windows XP and have installed Security Update 896358 from Microsoft, which prevents the features of some web applications and HTML help systems from working properly.


Please read and follow the instructions under Method 2 described in this technical note from the Microsoft Knowledge Base. You will need to perform some changes to your registry.Caution: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system.

Beginning with release, ExpressMaintenance attempts to automatically create the registry entries when the user selects to run the help. However, this may fail because the user may not have permission to edit the registry. No error message is generated. You may need to manually create the registry entries using the following instructions.

1. In ExpressMaintenance, click on Utilities / View Connection Properties.
2. Find and note the Exe Path from which the Maintenance.exe is running.
3. Exit ExpressMaintenance.
4. Click on Start / Run and type “regedit” in the Open prompt and click OK.
5. Using the registry tree, locate the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / HTML Help / 1.x.
6. Right click on 1.x and enter the new key of “ItssRestrictions”.
7. Right click on the ItssRestrictions key and enter a new DWord entry. Name the entry “MaxAllowedZone”.
8. Right click on the MaxAllowedZone entry and Modify the value to 3.
9. Right click on the ItssRestrictions key and enter a new String entry. Name the entry “UrlAllowList”.
10. Right click on the UrlAllowList entry and Modify the string value to be the Exe Path noted above in step 2.
11. Check to make sure the entries are correct and then exit regedit.
When finished, the registry should look similiar to the screen shot below except that the path should be your actual network path.

This will allow the HTML help system to run when executed from ExpressMaintenance assuming there are no permission or firewall issues preventing otherwise.

For a complete evaluation of the technical bulletin from Microsoft where we received the work around, go to the following Microsoft link: