What is Report Builder and how does it work?

Express Report Builder

Express Technology provides the most powerful reporting tool in the industry free with our software.  It is your data and the Express Report Builder gives you the power and control to extract and generate reports the way you want and when you need it.

All Express Technology applications include a comprehensive list of reports pre-designed and ready to run.   Each report was developed using the Express Report Builder.  Each application includes the Report Builder built-in.  This means you can create new reports and alter existing reports as desired.  The Report Builder includes a complete on-line help system for quick reference as well as an interactive leaning tutorial to help you get the most of this powerful tool.

Key Features

  • Visual query wizard steps you through creating the query, sort, etc.
  • Query by example when defining selection criteria
  • Automatic table joining just select the desired tables with SmartJoins
  • Custom field expressions and aggregate calculations
  • Easy layout steps with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design environment
  • Super layout objects include labels, barcodes, lines, shapes, graphics, rich text, etc.
  • Complete power to access data and generate custom reports
  • Flexible sorting with group headers and footers, title and summary bands
  • Export to files in your favorite spreadsheet, pdf, word, html, jpg, etc.
  • Include sub-reports within reports for maximum flexibility
  • Report text searching tool allows you to search for any text within a report
  • Report outline provides an instant outline of the resulting report

With 122 predefined reports one might question the need for a report Builder but we believe you should get that report just exactly like you want it. With the Express Report Builder users can link tables, define searches and sorts as well as use drag and drop functions to completely layout reports. And since all existing reports were written with the Report Builder you can start from one of the existing reports and simply make changes or start from scratch.

Advanced Calculations (RAP)

Report Builder includes the powerful RAP feature that provides users with the ability to perform advanced calculations within a report.  Report Application Pascal, or RAP, allows developers and end users to code calculations and complex event handlers at run-time.  For details on RAP including how to turn the feature on / off, see the RAP Tech Bulletin – Click Here.   Note, you must be running version or later to have implement this feature.

Several tools are available for leaning the Report Builder.  For details on how to How can I get comprehensive help or a tutorial on Report Builder?.

This is a powerful tool that your users will enjoy as much as our programmers do!

Buy any Express Technology application and you get the Report Builder FREE!

Report Builder Query Wizard Screen

The Query Wizard / Designer feature easily steps you through the simple process of creating the data query including what fields to search for and how they should be sorted.  You do not even need to know how tables join thanks to our unique SmartJoins feature.   Just select the desired tables and fields to be used in the report.


Report Builder Design / Layout Screen

The Express Report Builder features an unbelievable design screen where easy to use yet flexible tools abound.  Report objects such as labels, fields, rich text memos, barcodes and checkboxes are easily placed within the report bands.  Bands such as the report title, page header, detail, page footer and report summary are easily adjusted and sized.  Power tools like Sub-Reports, Regions and Cross-Tabs insure that there is virtually no limit to your reporting capabilities.

Report Builder Preview Screen

Click and admire your work!  The preview screen allows you to instantly see the results of your query and layout design.  But powerful features do end at the preview screen.  You can also save the report to a Adobe Acrobat pdf file as well as many other common and popular formats such as Word, Excel, Text, JPEG, etc.