How do I download and install application updates from your web site?

Answer: ExpressMaintenance updates are easy to download and install.  When you install an update and run the program the first time, any database adjustments will be made automatically by the program.  We have never had anyone lose data as a result of an update.  However, we do recommend that you backup your data first just as a precaution.

You only need to install the update at the server computer where Maintenance.exe resides and then run the program one time from that computer.

  1. Right-Click on the file you wish to Download (example: EMUpdate.exe).
  2. Select “Save Target As..” and and make a note of the filename being downloaded.
  3. If not on your server, select Network Neighborhood and the server computer.
  4. Select the C drive, then the ExpressTech folder or the proper folder where Maintenance.exe was previously installed.
  5. Save the file (example: EMUpdate.exe) on your server in C:\ExpressTech or desired folder where ExpressMaintenance was previously installed.
  6. Once the download is complete, make sure all users exit the application.  It is very important that all the Maintenance.exe program not be in use when the update install runs.  Otherwise, the install will prompt to reboot the computer to complete the copy.
  7. At the server computer where Maintenance.exe resides (server), open My Computer and the C drive.
  8. In the folder where ExpressMaintenance resides, you might want to back the program file (Maintenance.exe) to a backup folder.
  9. Begin the installation process by opening C:\ExpressTech\[Filename].
    [Filename] being the name of the file you downloaded (example: EMUpdate.exe)
  10. Follow all on screen prompts during the installation process including the entry of the password.
  11. When prompted, make sure you select the correct destination for the install of the update.  This needs to be the folder where your shortcuts point.  If you accidentally install in the wrong folder, users will receive a version match error.  Click here to learn how to fix this problem.
  12. This completes the installation process for the server.
  13. Run the program one time at the server before allowing other users to use it.  This will allow the program to make any database adjustments.  You will not lose any data.  The new version will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the program’s main screen.
  14. If you are installing an update, this completes the update process. If performing an initial install, please see the installation guide or tech bulletins for details on setting up workstations.

Note: ExpressRequest updates are handled in the same manner except the update file is ERUpdate.exe.