How can I change the authentication mode for SQL Server?

Answer: Microsoft recommends using Windows Only authentication for the SQL Server.  However, many users find setting up the Windows permission on all workstations to be cumbersome.  It is much simpler to setup SQL Server to use mixed mode authentication.  To do so, you can use the Enterprise Manager (SQL 2000) or the Studio Manager Express (later versions).

In either application, simply right click on the Server and left click on Properties.  This will allow you to change the authentication mode.

You can also change the authentication mode by editing the Windows Registry.  For more details, see the following link at Microsoft’s website:

Once you have the program set to Mixed Mode Authentication (Windows & SQL), you will need to setup a user account or ‘etuser’ with a password of ‘etrik22’.  ExpressMaintenance will first attempt to connect using the ‘etuser’ account.  If that fails, it will proceed to attempting to connect via Windows.