Express Accounting Version 8

Version 8.4 Release Notes

Updated 2018 Tax Tables

Version 8.1 Release Notes

Interface Changes / General

  • Updated to be the same layout and design as ExpressMaintenance. Options are better organized, etc.
  • New Themes option available under Utilities / App Preferences.
  • Much improved data screen designs with better field layouts and functionality.
  • Context sensitive help in screens accessible from website.
  • New and improved search options in all screen now include Overview and Data tabs.
  • New grids in all overview tabs with powerful searching, grouping and filtering features.
  • Corrected rounding issues in AP, AR, Checking, GL and Payroll.
  • New options under Admin for setup features.
  • New options under Utilities for Forms and other features.

Sales / Receivables

  • Corrected misspelled word in aging screen.
  • Improved interface in aging screen.
  • Improved query performance in aging screen.
  • Added ability to select invoice format in aging screen.
  • Much improved payment posting interface.
  • Corrected income statement reports to have proper percentages.
  • Added new income statement report options.

Checking / Accounting

  • Added Actions detail section to Jobs screen.
  • Improved cursor position when entering checks.
  • Changed to remember first and last checks entered in session for printing check range.
  • Much improved bank reconciliation interface.
  • Added ability to print envelope from checking screen.
  • Improved GL Account inquiry screen and interface.
  • Added ability to disburse payables by wire and check.


  • Much improved Employee screen and interface.
  • Much improved payroll processing screen and hour logging.
  • Added Actions detail section to Employee screen.
  • Added field for workman’s comp rate to payroll Departments setup.


  • Added or corrected 19 reports including income statements and action reports.

ExpressAccounting Version 7 – Tax Update 2017 Information

Release Notes

  • Version 7 includes several new features and much cleanup within the program interface.
  • Modern easier to use interface replaces old menu system.
  • Better organized options and quicker access to various parts of program
  • Administration – New options for database connection and email testing.
  • Utilities – New options for user to change password and set application properties.
  • Utilities – Recommend each user go to Utilities / Application Properties and setup interface as desired.
  • Utilities – New options for google maps / directions and accounting forms for quick access.
  • Payroll – New option for access to Time Clock records from the Time Clock program.
  • Payroll – If you wish to use the Time Clock application, please request from us.
  • Accounting / Reconciliation – Improved bank account reconciliation.