Download Utility Programs

Download install programs to your drive and then run to install.
Utilities & Resources
ExpressMaintenance & ExpressRequest user’s manual in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. (6.2 MB).  Optional.
 SQL Server Database Management software including unattended backup jobs, query and much more.  10-day evaluation copy.
Application for converting field data to upper / lower or mixed case.
Application that reads parts receiving records and updates the PO detail item’s Quantity Received field.
Free screen capture utility we have used for years.  Handy for creating instructions and communicating with tech support. 5.7 MB
Joins utility for building predefined joins between tables for Report Builder to recognize.
Handy utility for importing maintenance services / tasks from csv Access database into ExpressMaintenance. 626 KB
Simple program for testing SMTP email properties and working out any issues relating to sending email.
Tools for learning how to better use the powerful Report Builder.  The Learning System is a comprehensive system with tutorial, sample reports, etc.
Required but probably already on your computer with Windows operating system (3.4MB).
A small utility to detect the version of MDAC running on a computer. (200K)
Download and install the latest release of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). (5.3MB)