Download Software Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of ExpressMaintenance Version 9.  Before downloading the update, we recommend you open and print the Update Guidelines from the link below.  Only install updates on the server where application resides.
Note: These updates are only for customers current under the Annual Software Maintenance Plan and require a password to install.
ExpressMaintenance Updates (Password Required) Version Size Date
ExpressMaintenance Update  60.5 MB  09/12/2018
ExpressRequest Update  30.5 MB   09/12/2018
ExpressMaintenance Mobile App 1.3.1 NA 09/12/2018
ExpressMaintenance Resources Version Size Date
ExpressMaintenance Manual (pdf) 7.5 MB 12/09/2016
ExpressRequest Manual (pdf) 540 KB 12/12/2016
ExpressMaintenance Report Template Lists List 12/13/2016
ExpressConfig.exe (ini creation utility) 10.2 MB 12/13/2016
Create Database Utility 9.3 MB 03/16/2017
Connection Test Utility 24.4 MB 12/13/2016
ExpressMaintenance Create Tables SQL Script 112 KB

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