Download Other Updates

The following is a list of files that can be downloaded from Express Technology Inc. View the Download Info page for instructions on downloading files from this site.

Note: These are update installations. You must already have the product installed in order for these releases to work properly.

Note: Only install updates on the server where the application resides.

Applications Version Date Size Explanation
ExpressAccounting Update 03/15/2018 34.0 MB Update Release Notes
2018 Tax Update Info
ExpressSQL Install ExpressSQL Website
Create Database Application 11/12/2015 1.0 MB App Installation
ExpressConfig.exe 07/9/2016 10.2 MB Ini file Encryption
ExpressEmailServer 01/18/2016 21.5 MB App Installation
PeopleNet Reader 10/25/2016 6.2 MB App Installation
ExpressMap Application  04/10/2013  4.5 MB App Installation
Resources For Children Update  05/07/2003  1.9 MB Update Installation
ExpressCalc 04/23/2012 3.2 MB App Installation
Advantage Ministry 03/04/2015 13.3 MB App Installation
Advantage Giving  06/03/2014  6.0 MB App Installation
ExpressLP Installation 03/30/2017 30.1 MB App Installation
ExpressLP Update  08/29/2017  12.8 MB Update Installation
ExpressLP Terminal  12/22/2015  9.7 MB App Installation
ExpressLP Scale Test Program  02/13/2015  7.0 MB App Installation
ExpressStorage Update
 07/09/2015  8.4 MB Update Installation
Connection Test Utility  10/09/2013  3.3 MB Utility Installation
3D Home Design V3 V3 11/29/2013 5.7 MB
Home Design Program
ExpressTime Launchpad 11/03/2015 15.5 MB Sample Program
Safe-Labels Application 11/24/2015 18.3 MB App Installation
Safe-Labels Manual
Adobe Format (pdf) 11/24/2015 1.65 MB PDF File
MDAC Version Detection 07/05/2016 2.8 MB App Exe File