Annual Software Maintenance Plan

We offer an Annual Software Maintenance plan with each of the Express Technology software products (free 1st year).  The annual software maintenance plan includes:

  • Technical Support up to 24 issues (via email first, see Support Page)
  • Periodic Software Updates and Enhancements via internet download
  • Automatic Notification of updates and product news

Technical Support

While we make every effort to make our software products easy to use and include comprehensive help files, it is common for users to have some questions.  At Express Technology, we provide prompt, courteous and knowledgeable technical support.  Tech support issues must first be submitted via email.  However, we are certainly available by phone and fax when we determine it becomes necessary.  Access the Support Page.

Exciting Updates

Thanks to great suggestions from our customers, we routinely add improvements to our software applications.  New releases and updates are made available on an average of every 60 days.  In the event a significant bug is found, updates are issued immediately.  Subscribers to the Annual Software Maintenance plan receive all updates and releases at no additional cost.


Under the Annual Software Maintenance plan, customers are notified immediately when updates and new releases are available.  Users who do not subscribe to the Annual Software Maintenance plans for the software may not purchase technical support on an hourly basis.  The only way to obtain technical support, updates and new releases is to be on the plan.


If a company does not renew their participation in the plan but later decides to do so, they must pay for the skipped years in order to return on the plan.  This is the policy since they will be receiving all updates and releases developed during the skipped period.

Signing Up

When you purchase any of our software applications, you automatically receive the 1st year free.  After the first year, you will be billed automatically. Participation and payment is optional.  It is our desire to earn your renewal by providing great updates and enhancements.

Paying Plan Invoice

If you have an invoice for the annual software maintenance plan and would like to pay online, click here to pay now.

Product Annual Fee
ExpressMaintenance All Licenses Except Enterprise $375.00
ExpressMaintenance Enterprise License $800.00
Safe-Labels All Licenses $100.00
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